Dirty sluts chat - Quicken investments not updating

by  |  18-Jun-2014 15:46

For example, I cannot upload my historical financial data, which also means I can’t reconcile my bank statements, nor can I use a Bill Pay feature through their service.

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Even as a free service, Personal Capital just seems to get it right when it comes to online reporting and using Yodlee as their back-end synchronization..

For me a technology solution decreases in its usefulness if the negatives outweigh the benefits. One of the negatives with many of the online personal finance apps are the transactions unfortunately are read-only.

That version has been pared down to just two editions of the software: Quicken Cash Manager and Quicken Home & Business.

More importantly, Quicken Canada is now an annual subscription.

But due to the lack of new features, functionality, the software’s quirkiness, constant upgrades, bugs, and future — it’s unfortunately time for me to say good-bye to Quicken. In my testing, I’ve always enjoyed using Personal Capital as it allows me to see my entire financial picture and investment portfolio at a glance.

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