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Yes, the very person who had been treated like dirt for decades. Uncomfortable with those viewed as the unwashed masses, the Capital’s “koi hai” crowd is totally unsure how to react to altered dynamics. Even the bearers in the Gymkhana were acting cheeky these days! What does the ‘real’ Delhi expect from Arvind and AAP? The requirements aren’t unrealistic, nor are they all that lofty. A corruption hotline seems like a good place to start. Given the staggering extent of corruption, the hotline itself may crash.First, a chaiwalla turned up and made it to the top job as India’s Prime Minister when nobody was looking. Introducing the Lokpal Bill or demanding statehood for Delhi are trickier issues.

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When looking up a surname: Do IGNORE the prefixes de Placename, d' Placename, of the Placename, van Placename, von Placename, etc.

This absurd Presidency is becoming too painful to bear.

If any Fab Pedigree user thinks this latest action by the White House is appropriate -- is what you hoped would happen when you voted for Trump -- please e-mail me and let me know. But please take time to read some of the news items I will post, that you won't see on Fox News.

Note: The generation of a table is simply a convenience, since it can be computed from the IANA registry, so it may not be worth doing as a part of CLDR, but we can suggest it as an implementation technique.

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