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No longer are locks necessarily worn as a reflection of ancient traditions, cultural identification, or a symbolic representation of rebellion against oppression.

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WARM WELCOME: Hundreds of people flocked to Palisadoes Airport to greet emperor Haile Selassie when he visited Jamaica in 1966 Throughout the years, Rastafarian culture has been greatly criticized, debated and questioned over its authenticity and the livity (lifestyle) it promotes.

Rastas even came under attack, quite literally, during the infamous 1963 Coral Garden ‘incident’, which saw the Jamaican security forces rounding up, jailing and torturing hundreds of Rastafarians.

At the time, some people actually thought you were backwards if you wanted to climb a tree [to pick fruits] when you could just go to the shop and buy a can of Coca-Cola.

“But now, people appreciate they can buy good juices or they have juicers in their homes. Eventually, the truth does come out.” NATURAL Backing Zephaniah’s sentiments, Maxi Priest, who found and embraced Rastafari during the ‘70s, says: “If we go back in time, Rasta has been echoing this mantra for years – natural living.

Often described as ‘Bad Friday’, the attack was the Jamaican security forces’ response to an incident in which a group of bearded men – who were assumed to be Rastafarian – set fire to a petrol station and killed two police officers.

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