lezbiankebis potoebi - Romsip table is updating

by  |  03-Feb-2017 20:14

If they go down below room temp, then add an "offset" to adjust that idle temp to 5 degrees over room temp.The reason I think it might be off, is because the CPU temp reading in Speedfan...which shows 70C at load is normally 5-10C lower than the avg core temp. I thought that the speedfan CPU temp was like the overall temp of the CPU.

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Very strange, and does anyone know what that message means? Better late than never I suppose.:rolleyes: an impressive OC for a quad core CPU on a 750i board :thup: More v Core and higher temps are not a problem..below 90C to be on the safe side (I've run 45nm quads over 100C without killing them, but I don't recommend it).

I've overclocked a few dual cores on this board but thats the first time this msg has popped up. Push it a bit more, and continue to watch the temps like you're doing. The only thing that concerns me is your readings in Real Temp, and Speedfan.

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