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When you look at news articles in the online media referring to some new celebrity who's going out with a younger man, you get a lot of really unpleasant aggressive comments from men because they're the ones who are going to be left out.

They've had it their own way for so long; they've always been able to play the field with women their own age or younger.

There, she started a blog supportive of women in relationships with younger men because, as she sees it, "it should be as normal for a woman to date a younger man as it always has been for a man to date or marry a younger women."Like many attractive and intelligent women who look younger than their years, Macmillan typically dated younger men not because she sought them out but because they had approached her and were more compatible than men her age.

I spoke with Julia Macmillan about the cougar stereotype, the reasons why it persists even as women reject the term in growing numbers, and whether there's greater cultural acceptance in the UK or the US toward older female/younger male relationships.

You avoid the term 'cougar' and have said, "In my view there should be no label.

Although the term 'cougar' has become synonymous with older women who date younger men, its predatory image is neither accurate nor acceptable in the opinion of many women tagged with the label.

Since there's no similar word to describe an older man who dates younger women, many feel it's far from complimentary.

Older women tend to take the relationship as it comes and see how it develops.

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