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After reputedly throwing out a ‘Godfather offer’ financially, WWE immediately shoehorned Del Rio into a far-fetched alliance with long-absent Zeb Colter as heels that promoted tolerance.

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Naturally, the list below will cover none of those things. Last year, I found three items from the 2013 list that I came around on. In their prior form as all-too-happy babyfaces, they were a pandering, borderline-insulting act.

Wrestle Crap, being the time-tested haven of the ‘worst’ in wrestling, is obliged to look back on 2015 with mournful eyes at the worst gimmicks, storylines, concepts, news events, and general malarkey that the wrestling world spit up like the most disgusting of bile. This year, there are two picks from my 2014 list that my perspective has certainly changed toward, albeit with qualifiers. Following their heel turn in the spring, they became one of the few reasons to watch Raw, on account of their impeccable group chemistry and legit laugh-inducing banter. The lengthy gap between Lesnar appearances in the fall seemed to cheapen WWE and its top prize, but I did change my view a bit when I realized how much more his matches meant something.

Patrick told me that his good friend Austin was attending a ball at the Frick and needed a fun girl to go with and wear his dress, so I got the gig.

I have a bit of peripheral history with Bravo TV and its stars (surrounding Queer Eye for the Straight Guy), which adds to a developing theory involving a magnetic force and myself to all things Bravo.

I'd love to see everyone vote for Jeffrey and see if this "Fan Favorite" contest, isn't full of shit!

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