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It can also be tailored specifically for women and men. Learn the characteristics of dress, grooming and body language that predictably elicit negative response from others. The Personal/Professional Style Scale™ was developed by the internationally acclaimed Conselle Institute of Image Management, of which Erin Crotty is an Affiliate.

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It enables individuals to know what to wear, for the message they want to send – with options for location, situation, occupation, individuality, comfort, cost and care.

It is also an excellent program for any professional or Human Resource Manager seeking a fool-proof guideline to appropriate and professional dress within the workplace.

This is a common-sense and practical process that allows you to carry out strategies thoughtfully and easily.

I recognize the impact clothing has on you, not just on others, affecting the way you think, feel, act or behave, and then the way others react or respond to you.

Your image influences the way you are perceived by others. You are assessed, evaluated and judged – often within seconds – based on the image your project or reflect.

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