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He weighs about 1.5kg and looks more like a newborn. Read More Your baby now weighs about 1.7kg and is around 42cm long from head to toe.

Although his lungs won't be fully developed until just before birth, your little one is inhaling amniotic fluid to exercise his lungs.

) This scan is available for all patients as part of routine obstetric management.

I have my dating scan on Friday and I'm really scared. I remember feeling like this in my 1st pregnancy and wish I didn't worry so much.

By then I will be 12 5 according to my early scan I had at 6 weeks where we saw a healthy heart beat. I've barely had sickness and my only symptoms are spotty face and sore nipples. I'm sure we will both be fine and our little babies are cooking nicely.

Im due my dating scan on friday when i will be 13 weeks pregnant but i cant help feeling sick with worry and really scared.

Im frightened there will be nothing there, something will be wrong or even a missed miscarriage i know ur probably thinking im a nutcase or something is it normal to worry like this its...

im 21 so been told its unlikey and not to stress :/ SBB, I keep bumping into you! Dont worry Kerry, even though I had 3 scans before my dating scan i was scared and now I can feel baby moving but am still scared about the anomaly scan (the one you have at about 20 weeks - I have mine on Friday) We all worry for our LO's but rarely is there need to xxxx Hey i was exactly the same!

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