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There is disagreement among followers of Ayyavazhi regarding the holiness of some other Pathis, such as Vaikunda Pathi and Avathara Pathi.

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This is why individual souls are not able to attain supreme bliss, and so are secondary to Ekam.

Once a soul overcomes the influence of maya, it becomes one with Ekam. It heavily criticises the caste discrimination rather than the 'Caste system' itself.

In this series, the energy of consciousness (namam) of oneself is invoked, rising from Bindu (Neetiya Yukam) to the final Sahasrara (Dharma Yukam).

This lotus, the highest spiritual center of enlightenment, is for experiencing the absolute "bliss". Backing these scriptural identities, the 1008-petal lotus is followed in Ayyavazhi symbolism.

This is most clearly seen in Akilam, where the Thiruvithkanur king is identified as Kalineesan, (one who is a captive of Kali) and the British are identified as Venneesan (the white neesan) in the social sense.

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