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Besides the mills, lumber covering several acres went up in smoke.

More than 5 million feet of cypress lumber was lost.

One of those early Acadians was Arthur Le Blanc, and travelers passing through the country began to refer to the lake as le lac d'Arthur, and through time, it evolved into the present name, Lake Arthur. Early settlers were noble Creoles from New Orleans. At first, they grew corn and other crops, but found that rice was the crop to grow. St Germain brought in the first rice thresher and portable steam boiler. Mail was received once a month from Leesburg (Cameron), and once in a while by horseback from Lake Charles. Roosevelt, who came to Lake Arthur to hunt before he was stricken by polio.

"In 1811 Atanas Hebert came to Lake Arthur to settle. 1840 The first sawmill was established in the area. 1876 The first rice mill was built by Gustave Laurents and D. 1890 The first rice irrigation pumping plant was built on Bayou Lacassine. 1889 Construction of The Live Oak Hotel was well on its' way by 1888. The Live Oak was maintained and operated as a private hotel until 1922, when it was sold to the Lake Arthur Hunting Club. Boat captains were an important part of early settlers lives. Sweet bought the "Louisa Storm" and "Olive" which made trips to Grand Chenier for 17 years.

Nott's Corner [1] Restaurant is a locally owned restaurant serving homestyle cajun food, gumbos, seafood and bread pudding with rum sauce. opened the first Lake Arthur Butane in Lake Arthur in 1945.

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