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He then raised 0 in partnership with others to purchase a failing newspaper, The Marion Star, weakest of the growing city's three papers, and its only daily.

Two members of his cabinet were implicated in corruption: Interior Secretary Albert Fall and Attorney General Harry Daugherty.

The resulting scandals did not fully emerge until after Harding's death, nor did word of his extramarital affairs, but both greatly damaged his reputation.

During the election campaign, Harding worked for the Marion Democratic Mirror and was annoyed at having to praise the Democratic presidential nominee, New York Governor Grover Cleveland, who won the election.

Through the later years of the 1880s, Warren Harding built the Star.

According to Harding biographer and former White House Counsel John Dean, Harding's "civic influence was that of an activist who used his editorial page to effectively keep his nose—and a prodding voice—in all the town's public business".

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