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Grab a pot of the potent, incensed coffee before you go.

Mashua Why You Absolutely Need To Go There: Duck breast flambeed in pisco, that’s why The subtitle of this stylish, canal-side restaurant near Leidseplein is “Peruvian Fusion”, which apparently means influences from Southern Europe, Asia, and a bunch of other places collide with Latin flavors to produce the likes of duck breast flambéed in pisco, 4hr beef ribs in white wine, and rabbit legs cooked with peanuts.

Reports on Eritrea’s humanitarian condition reveal pervasive patterns of abuse.

The menu changes here quicker than the seasons do and features a lineup of entirely vegetarian dishes that have been inspired by an abstract concept like architecture or "the new black." Veggie-heavy dishes delve outside the boundaries of food physics in forms like foams and taffies for a meal you'll certainly never see imitated anywhere else.

OVERVIEW | PERSECUTED POPULATIONS | ESSENTIAL SOURCES | COUNTRIES OF ASYLUM | ERITREANS IN CANADA – SETTLEMENT EXPERIENCES | CULTURAL PROFILES | MULTI-MEDIA | NEWS Following Eritrea’s independence from Ethiopia in 1993, the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice PFDJ) remained the sole political party in control.

Monthly menus are inspired by abstract concepts (like “light”, “water”, or “architecture”), which are then translated into six small courses of fruits, veggies, and grains reimagined with modern twists like "vegetable paper" or "deconstructed apple pie". De Bakkerswinkel Why You Absolutely Need To Go There: You can get a beef tartare sando AND cake This mini Dutch lunch empire now has five locations dishing out its homespun goodness in Amsterdam alone, but this is the flagship brunch and high-tea spot.

Eating in this bright, white space is a bit DIY, as in, take your own dishes to the sink, but they’ll happily make you an extra serving of your favorite. Get there by noon to skip the wait, and load up on specialties like addictive savory scones and mouthwatering quiches of the day, or open-faced sandwiches topped with hearty meats, veggies, or bacon and egg. Tomaz Why You Absolutely Need To Go There: It’s some of the best local food in town Just outside the tourist entrance to “secret” central courtyard de Begijnhof, Tomaz’s terrace sits in the shadow of the skewed houses and narrow streets of Amsterdam’s medieval quarter.

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