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He refused the appeal, stating that the "respondent (Hemed) could not realistically be expected to relocate to Mogadishu, from his home state of Kismayo, was one of fact which was reached on the basis of country guidance on Mogadishu and the respondent's particular circumstances".Lord Carloway added: "There was no error of law in carrying out that exercise.

There are inadequate funds for the schools to install ramps for wheelchairs, transport services for those who struggle with mobility, and ‘disability-friendly’ learning resources and study spaces.

There are also very few teachers who have had adequate training in how to incorporate children living with disabilities into classroom learning.

This can be described as a gender and development, rather than women in development, approach.

Both mainstream policies and programs and initiatives aimed specifically at people with disabilities should have a cross-cutting gender component to ensure the inclusion and empowerment of women and girls with disabilities.

Many people underestimate the capabilities of those living with disabilities and therefore don’t invest in educating children with disabilities especially girls.

Sex social somalia mobile

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