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I am looking forward, at ish this afternoon, to watching Homer struggle with his drinking problem after I’ve downed 16 beers alone. Kamp Krusty This week, the Vatican’s shitty newspaper, with which I’ve had dealings in the past, wrote something dumb about Homer being Catholic. ” type articles I read and/or skipped over was amazing.

Click here for an explanation of how this all works, and let’s get started. And so, for about the third week in a row, the Simpsons part of the internet was flooded with one boring topic. In accordance with official Dead Homer Society policy dealing with things this stupid and media whorish, there are no links about it below.

– More discussion about toeing the line on broadcast standards. This episode took longer than usual to rewrite on account of everyone sharing their pot smoking stories.

– Interesting tidbit: they showed one of the Ullman clips before “Weekend at Bernie’s 2” and it got a positive response. – Talking about Phish and how they played the Simpsons theme during a show.

hour #6: the simpsons, south park, and sex – An interesting essay on the tangled web of concepts that result when people get prosecuted, as a guy in Idaho recently did, for having Simpsons porn. A Fine Mahoke To You All – I have a general policy never to link to or read , it only encourages them, but this is pretty excellent usage.

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