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by  |  13-Mar-2014 01:57

Women everywhere are flailing under this double-edged sword.

A beautiful, attractive female isn’t desirable for her mind, and those with strong characters are seen as threatening, masculine and undesirable.

Rational and educated women are being ignored and chastised for their intelligence.

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Unfortunately, for women, intelligence many times hinders our travels and keeps us from the promise land.

Because, for all you bright and educated women out there, what you feel is real… The popular saying “ignorance is bliss” doesn’t exactly cover the broad spectrum of woes women feel as they sit alone Friday nights with no one to discuss Nietzsche or read lines from Proust with.

full of awkward first dates, bad sex and limited chances at orgasms.

Women now associate the dating landscape with the same risks many face going into the arctic tundra.

They are giving up things they thought they wanted for nothing more than a simple “he’s good to me.”Where’s the man who was supposed to challenge you and understand you?

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