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by  |  08-Aug-2016 15:46

Sony has confirmed that they will issue a final update in the next two weeks that will add the Kobo bookstore as an avenue to continue to make the e-readers relevant.

sony prs t1 updating-28

The update also removes Facebook sharing and syncing for bookmarks and annotations, since those were functions linked to the Reader Store as well. Signing into my Kobo account did not give an option to add my existing Kobo ebooks to the device.

I went ahead and installed the update on my PRS-T2 because I was unsure if it would actually link the library on the device with my Kobo library or if it would just add a link to buy ebooks from Kobo. Plus there’s no way to access the Kobo store at this point.

There’s just a screen that basically says the Kobo ebook store is coming soon, and that you should use a computer, tablet, or phone to shop at

They say to sync your ereader to add the new titles to your library.

These instructions were kindly supplied by Linux Reader in this forum post.

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