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“I don’t get where they’re going, nor do I want to go there,” Sophia says, and everyone agrees because they don’t want to expose their own ignorance by not agreeing.

The crepes on the other hand are boring, but they too are bad.

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All in all, it was a very enjoyable episode and I hope a sign that Channel Seven will be shaking up their kitchen rounds more next season.

One Of Them Knows The Truth From the writers of The Missing comes TVNZ 1's criminally good new thriller, One of Us, following the aftermath of a horrific double murder. Over on 2, Group One round off their Instant Restaurants with a bang on MKR; while On Demand brings you a LIVE stream of 2017's New Zealander Of The Year Awards.

Is it an requirement that couples already be pushed to the brink of estrangement before they actually get on this show?

“You’re the queen of broth, Lauren,” Carmine says with a strained smile while Lauren, for whatever reason, puts her hands near boiling vats of liquid without wearing gloves and yelps in pain. Camilla and Ash are shitting their pants laughing when they realise that the quail will be undercooked. The best thing about having the old contestants back is how quickly they’ve decided that they are now experts in the field of cooking.

They say things like, “Hmm, great dish, IF THEY CAN PULL IT OFF” and nod knowingly to each other, as if being kicked off this show instantly imbues you with all the smug cooking knowledge in the world.

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