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Now we have new products and are into national distribution.We’re experienced very high growth the last few years.The United Nations declared 2005 the International Year of Microcredit.

Even in fairly rural circumstances, it often takes two or three years to get the use permits necessary to make the installation.”) Red Condor of Rohnert Park offers spam protection and email security solutions, and has been a beneficiary of Venture Communities.

“We raised more than 14 million in private and venture capital,” says CEO Ron Longo, who’s been with the company since October 2005.

When I joined the company, we had 9,000 end users; now we have more than 600,000 end users and 8,000 businesses.

That’s significant growth.” Not to mention a significant contribution to the local economy.

(The turbine windmill that Wind Sail builds is quiet, smooth and efficient.

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