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by  |  14-Aug-2014 10:17

I for one have jigged, re-jigged and completely deleted dating app profiles, depending on my mood.

It's often so hard to know what makes a good dating profile picture (selfie, or no selfie), and exactly how much I should reveal about myself in a scant few lines of text.

Mixed in with some major don’ts such as bikini shots, Halloween costumes, and, of course, duck lips, was the key to a well-balanced profile: Make sure to cover a few different looks.

Here’s what we’ve learned about the most successful online dating photos from our research, data and matching teams: The Amount Counts We pulled stats to date from 2013, and people who uploaded 4 or more photos received the most inquiries (communication) from their matches.

Interestingly, women tend to post more pics than men (at a ratio of 6.4 vs. Men also reach out and initiate communication 67% of the time.

It opens you up to unneeded comparison (“This girl claims she looks like Gigi Hadid … ”), and if you really are Gigi’s doppelgänger, it won’t go unnoticed if the guy has even decent eyesight. “I’m a real go-getter.” Go get yourself a less cliché phrase then.

If you’re truly ambitious, it will suffice to say “I’m hoping to [awesome accomplishment here].” 4.

If you look like you'll rip their heads off they are never going to reach out to you. Everyone seems to be adding silly things like cat-ears or cartoon flower garlands but this has gotten OLD. If you want something serious then specify it, otherwise you'll only get offers for hook-ups. One or two are fine, but too many can make you appear childish and annoying. While guys love seeing photos like that, they won't see you as 'girlfriend' material. For example, it could be you visiting somewhere interesting or doing something a little different. What we think we want and what we'd be happy with can be completely different things.

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