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You can mull them over and customize as you see fit.Finally, here’s a video I did a while back on looking stylish at any age.The insider adds Leopold and Styles aren’t exclusive yet, but they’re “spending lots of time together." PHOTOS: Hot Brits “He planned a few activities for her birthday,” the source tells Us. 6, the genetically gifted duo had dinner together at Craig’s in West Hollywood and then on Wednesday, Jan.

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I’ve had several wonderful women write to me requesting advice for dressing stylishly in the fourth and fifth decades.

And first of all, I’d like to say that I’m HONORED by these requests.

Labeling women by age and telling them what they can and cannot do based solely on that age just seems … But since I’ve been asked for advice on this topic quite a few times and urged to post about it, I’ll share with you all what I shared with my e-mail correspondents.

I am loathe to give you a big long list of “don’ts” because – as I said above – I believe that only your personal taste, your environment, and your unique personality can dictate what is “age-appropriate” and what is not.

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