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Joshua has also been featured as a dancer on numerous TV shows, including Community and American Horror Story.

In July 2016, Allen was indicted for felony assault of his girlfriend and assault with a deadly weapon.

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He had originally auditioned in Dallas, Texas with his friend and fellow contestant, Comfort Fedoke.

Allen was announced winner of the show on August 7, 2008, winning $250,000.

Still, his best-known routine still stands out from the rest, a Transformers-themed number from season three ...

It returned for its tenth season with just over five million viewers, which sounds decent enough, but nowhere near what it has done in the past. I have no idea how Nico and Jenna got as far as they did (actually, I do; Nico's hair and pretty-boy looks helped him get votes while the judges gave Jenna free passes in crucial weeks), and Malece and Carlos were cut way too early.

Prior to this time, he had been charged with multiple misdemeanor domestic violence counts.

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