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Each chapter explores and debunks one of those myths. Each chapter is filled with lots of statistics about teen pregnancy, divorce rates after couples live together, and how premarital sex will ruin a girls life.

They are, 1) If I had a boyfriend I would be happy 2) I should trust my feelings 3) I’m in love 4) Sex will enhance my relationship 5) Love and sex are the same 6) Sex comes without consequences 7) It’s okay to break up and get back together 8) He will never hit me again 9) A rebound relationship is just what I need 10) Serial dating and living together will help me stay married Now. If you are looking to get academic like information about teen dating, packaged in a readable style, the book pulls together a lot to mull over.

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The author is a fellow named Daniel Anderson, and according to the bio blurb on the back cover, he is a veteran high school teacher in Oregon who was troubled by the way teens conducted their dating lives.

If the teen dating scene is anything like the various raunchy, teenage angst movies that dominated the late hours of early era HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax that I used to sneak watching as a kid, I can completely understand his concern.

His adult daughter, Jacquelyn, who is also a school teacher, participated with the writing as well.

She provides her perspective and color commentary on what it was like to be raised by her parents as each dating myth is debunked.

My interest was stirred with that offer for a couple of reasons.

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