Thaimate dating

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is the quintessential Thailand dating site for Thai people. This network is huge and it's all about dating finding mates etc.

No English very clean design and the easiest dating site I've ever used. Nerkoo as a dating network makes Thai Love Links look like a baby in the Industry.

This place is a goldmine, the girls barely speak English but they are also untainted as well. @ siamza is one of those confusing looking websites with too many links and and not very user friendly but it does have a huge member base and once you've figured out how to use it it's very affective. Mate is another great Thai only dating site, mostly good for Bangkok but I check it once a week to see if anything has popped up in Chiang Mai and other provinces I frequent. heard of Nerkoo? Don't expect it to work all the time though the site is plagued with outages as they struggle to keep up with the expansion.

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