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We had moved in together almost a year earlier, and couples therapy seemed easier than breaking up.

It would at least buy us time to figure out how to split our belongings while I looked for my own place in New York City.

Couples therapy is designed to help partners overcome many relationship obstacles such as communication issues, infidelity, power struggles, or intimacy problems.

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But, I reasoned, the world is far too consumed with materialism and I didn't want to be sucked into it. Schaffer said her schedule was full, but she would have an opening in a month. Did couples leave happy and cured, with a better understanding of each other? The waiting room was beige — beige walls, beige carpet.

Or did they exit just as disgruntled as when they walked in? If there were pictures on the walls, I didn't register them.

I went into counseling thinking Ryan had to change. An aspiring actor, Ryan had no job security, no savings account or 401(k), and a penchant for buying every new electronic gadget on the market.

If he didn't fix at least eight of the things that were wrong with him, I was out. He lives and breathes sports, while I swore I'd never date a jock.

A year later, we're still in therapy, but no longer in crisis mode.

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