Tokyo dating

by  |  17-Sep-2015 18:37

Where western guys would perhaps try to kiss you goodnight or try to invite themselves for a late night coffee, Japanese guys would awkwardly shake your hand, at most.I never had to make the first move back home, but I quickly understood that if I wanted anything to happen on the first date, I would have to put on my big girl pants.

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Make your way over to Harajuku and find the gril standing in front of the building with red and green cubes. Go back to the original guy and report what you saw. Speak to him there to find out the girl is gone again.

Run off to Shibuya 106 and find her one last time on the stairs leading to the Idolasphere.

Most first dates were a bit nerve-wracking, as you are after all meeting a complete stranger or potential psychopath, but getting to know each other was quite easy.

If conversation topics ran out, we could always talk about life in Japan or abroad, or worse case scenario, how good I was at using chopsticks.

To my surprise, I got a lot of attention, especially from the ever so shy and elusive Japanese guys.

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