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by  |  16-Aug-2014 23:22

I contacted the head office at SMOOCH and they were concerned that they were misleading customers. You have to subscribe, which means forking out cash.

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There have been so many changes to Smooch over the years that I've used the site, none of which have been for the better!

I refuse to pay to use dating sites - my experience of paid for dating sites resulted in me being contacted by a scammer.

The guy that had sent me a quick message in that time was the same guy I married last year.

There will always be a percentage of people who have false profiles, on this site and on every other site (they obviously don't get the attention they crave for at home).

Smooch is a dating site I thought, but so far my experience has been bad, cos the men are not genuine, they are not seeking for a relationship only looking for sex, they lie in their profile, wanting a life partner it's not the case some are perverts, they should not be on this dating site as there are sites out there that would suit them for there sexual needs, smooch should seriously look at the type members they have on there site, as there are many of us that are looking for genuine relationships, most of these men are married or in a relationship that are just looking for fun and the worse thing is they lie that they are single, to many fake men on this site, whom are paying members, I am so disappointed that smooch would allow men like these on there dating site, they are giving the site a bad reputation.

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