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The sanctuary is spacious with a roof made of palm fronds.A band including guitar, bass and drums players pumps out gospel music while worshippers sing along, sway to the rhythm and stretch their arms heavenward as they call out "praise the Lord! 24, God would seem to have finally heard their entreaties.

First, according to Kawuba's theory, it was the Arabs who spread homosexuality in Africa.

Now, he claims, a Western lobby is promoting gays in Uganda in the hopes of receiving sex or pornographic materials from Africa.

There are thousands of congregations like that of lay-preacher Michael Kawuba. Many of them, including Kakumba Church, maintain close contacts with evangelicals in the US whose self-proclaimed mission is that of bashing homosexuals.

In 2009, for example, the ultra-right-wing activist Scott Lively traveled to Uganda claiming, among other things, that gays are to be blamed for the Holocaust. "I wanted to know what they are like." But Kawuba was afraid to go to the meeting alone and arranged for two plainclothes police officers to accompany him to a hotel bar in the diplomatic quarter of Kampala, Uganda's capital.

Michael Kawuba isn't prepared to go quite that far. He and the gay man talked for a while before going their separate ways.

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