Ukrainian dating fraud dating research paper

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As the Ukraine's economy improves, options available for travel to the region have improved dramatically - along with a greater availability for goods and services.However, the Ukraine is still very much a cash economy, despite its attempts to integrate into European and other international institutions.

If you plan to travel to the Ukraine to meet your potential love, do extensive research on the person before you fork out to make the trip.

Cross check their name with any number of websites that have been established which can help you find scam profiles.

We spent a couple of evenings together enjoying dinner and walking along the Dniper river. After returning home I contacted an immigration lawyer in Canada and was told it would take a lot of time, money and a slim chance of her being allowed into Canada even for a short visit.

There are definitely some deceptive practices but I believe there are some women who are sincere there.

If you are affected by these kinds of crimes, don't expect Ukrainian authorities to offer up much in the way of help.

Ukrainian dating fraud

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