Updating a kitchen island dating communities flirt sites

by  |  31-May-2014 09:07

This latest change has really transformed the room – it is SO bright and has more of a presence for sure.

I’m trying to add more COLOR to this space and this was one step in the right direction!

I especially loved how smooth the paint was on the cabinets – this was easiest paint job : And I love the new hardware! And I actually decided to not reinstall the corbels I had on there before. It was a quick and easy install, but the whole project took me a week. I may put a poly or wax over it to protect it, but I’ll just wait to see how it holds up.

I love looking back to see how areas in our house have changed over the years!

They are the exact colors in the window drapes: And I adore the contrast between the butcher block and the island color: You can actually see the detail of the island now – the beadboard and the board and batten. :) I went ahead and knocked one off my list – sanded down the counter and put two more coats of Tung oil on it: The board and batten was pretty simple, just big boxes all around: And as always, caulk was my BFF.

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