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Then again OP never mentioned anything about size of house, if walls are exposed, etc etc Dont know if its possible however I would suggest even waiting to do the electrical when you decide to do major renovations.

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Updating knob tube wiring yourself

When the wires were pulled into a wall or enterd a wiring device such as a lamp or switch the wire was further protected with a loom which is a flexible insulating sleeve.

The earliest looms would be an asphalt saturated cotton cloth which was then later replaced with rubber.

I had to get the work done asap because I was not able to get house insurance for the purchased house because I had renters and insurance companies required that each unit of the house needed 100amps each.

For your reference, in July 2015 I upgraded the amp to the house I purchased in downtown Toronto from 60 amp to 200amps and paid about $3200 for the upgrade.

Most of the cost will come from re-wiring the house, especially if you're not talking about ripping down every wall and exposing the bare structure.

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