sexpoto candam com - Updating recipient policies for hybrid coexistence

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Join it to the domain, and log in with a user account that is a member of the Schema Admin's group, before proceeding you need to install the Office 2010 filter pack on the new server CLICK HERE. You need to add certain roles to the new server before attempting to install Exchange 2010 you can script that though I prefer to do things myself. If you are using the multi language version you should be at "Step 3: Choose Exchange Language option" Next.

Warning: Never disable IPv6 on an Exchange 2010 Server! Start Locate the Net Tcp Port Sharing Service and set its startup type to automatic. *****Update 18/03/11***** If you are deploying Exchange 2010 with SP1 included, at this point select "Automatically install Windows Server roles and features required for Exchange Server" 13. Then either restart the exchange information store service or reboot.

If you are upgrading Exchange from 2003 to 2010, and have your Outlook licensed like this you will NEED TO PURCHASE licenses for each clients copy of Outlook. Make sure, before you start, that you have the Exchange 2010 media and unlock code, you don't want to download the media on a site with a slow internet connection, (at time of writing the disk image is 1GB in size). If your existing servers are all x32, and you are also upgrading domain controllers, during the process you will be extending the domain schema (i.e.

it's not 2003 R2) then make sure you have x32 bit Windows media with you. Make sure any third party anti virus and/or mail scanning software is supported and will work on Exchange 2010, and you have the media and licenses handy. You will need to install on a x64 bit server, make sure you have a server capable, and Windows x64 bit media with licenses. You will need your Exchange 2003 CD, it's fond of asking for it during the uninstall process. Before you even think about going further make sure you have a good backup!

In this example I've got an existing Exchange 2003 environment running on Windows 2003.

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