Updating sony mylo software

by  |  17-Apr-2016 23:35

IM# Fix the problem with Skype that erases your profile# Allow complete filesystem access in File Browser and Opera (Opera's would be easiest to fix.)# Change ' Connection Dialog' to ' Connection Manager' (How did they let this typo slip through?)# Last would be AIM We all knew that the Sony Mylo Tools could read data off of the Mylo's flash, or it was theorized that.

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I've discovered a lot of interesting things with the Mylo and a few more potential vernurabilities.

It may have been a bit slow to come out, but Sony’s one-of-a-kind Mylo 2 portable communicator has received its very first software update, with version 1.100 now available for download from Sony’s e Support web site.

The update adds “system stability” improvements, as well as support for WMV files, quicker access to installed Flash games thanks to a Game item in the home menu, and something new — compatibility with a new SHOUTcast widget.

Mylo Forums users also note that there are several other improvements, including: Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to confirm these claims, but Jenn Lee over at says she can vouch for them, although she has so far failed in making that last feature work — full screen Youtube video viewing.

I changed the picture before I unplugged the Mylo and yet, the image was changed on the Mylo anyways! : Muhahaha: Just some quick codes I don't want to forget.

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