Variable or accommodating resistance training machines

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Based on evidence presented in these early studies, hundreds of investigations have been published relative to techniques for muscular development including isotonic exercises, isometric exercises, eccentric contractions, the Oxford technique, the double and triple progressive super set system, and many others. The workload for a muscle or muscle group which is greater than that to which the muscle is accustomed. This control necessitates exact precision in the timing and coordination of both the system of muscle contraction and the segmental sequence of muscular activity.

Today, it is well documented in the literature that the size of skeletal muscle is effected by the amount of muscular activity performed.

Increased work by a muscle can cause that muscle to undergo compensatory growth (hypertrophy) while disuse leads to wasting of the muscle (atrophy).

� PERSONAL AND OFFICE COMPUTER-Uses stateof-the-art computer to store accounting data and other personal and office work.

� SEVERAL MODES OF TRAINING-Uses isokinetic, isotonic and isometric routines, used separately or in combination, for programming. Strength and endurance changes through circuit weight training.

Muscular strength may be defined as the force a muscle group can exert against a resistance it a maximal effort. As the muscle contracts, the resistance changes in a predetermined manner (linear, exponentially, or in a user defined manner). For example, the equipment employed in the study conducted by Pipes and Wilmore assumed certain velocities on the isokinetic modality used.

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