Vital partners dating problem

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Employers and insurance companies may have their own policies for defining a common law partner for the purpose of deciding who qualifies for company or medical benefits.

The publication " And they lived happily ever after: rights and responsibilities of common law partners" has a table at the back that gives the amount of time a couple must live together to qualify as common law partners under various laws.

Because the goal is to prevent IPV before it starts, primary prevention activities are essential.

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Q - Can common law couples register their relationship with the provincial government? As of June 4, 2001, common law couples (same and opposite-sex) can register as domestic partners with Vital Statistics at Service Nova Scotia.

Once a domestic partnership is registered, the partners will have many of the same rights, benefits and obligations as a married couple, such as pension benefits and the division of assets at separation or death.

A - Domestic partnerships are registered at Vital Statistics, which is part of Service Nova Scotia.

For information contact Vital Statistics at 902-424-4381 or 1-877-848-2578 (toll free) or through their website at - Can common law couples put the terms of their relationship in a written agreement?

IPV can also cause emotional difficulties, trauma symptoms, and suicide.

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