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Hetali Om Shivam tells us why Zicom was his first choice for safe living. Extend your support to volunteer with us for a crime free India.

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Chennai has mainly two seasons - summer (35-42°C / 95-108°F) Apr-Jun (Highest temperature ever recorded is 45°C / 113°F on ) and monsoon (Oct-Dec).

It receives scanty rainfall from the south-west monsoon (Jun-Sep) while rest of India is lashed by heavy rains, but gets its bountiful rains from the north-east monsoon from October through December, thus amounting to about 125-150 cm (49-59 in) of rainfall annually.

Colonel William Lambton, superintendent of the great Trigonometrical Survey of India, started his journey of triangulating India from St. Fort St George was completed on St George's day in 1640 (23 April) and hence was named after the patron saint.

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