Whm nameserver ips not updating dating fl

by  |  15-Sep-2014 21:22

If you wish to have multiple addresses configured to be shared, you will need to configure a user with reseller privileges for each one and assign the IP address to be that user's shared IP address.The "root" user will still have access to all accounts on that IP address despite the delegation to the user with reseller privileges.There are many settings you may want to configure on the server that will not be covered in this tutorial.

We will be addressing this issue later in the tutorial, so we will just ignore the warning for now by closing the warning.

Now that we are logged in, let's configure some of the server settings.

Normal shell accounts will be able to see other users directories and processes even if they do not have permission to access them.

These settings control updates to c Panel and other software packages on the server. There are four (4) release trees for updated to c Panel.

Here, we can specify the names that this server will use for name servers.

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