Who eva pigford dating nimiro tilifon pidi annaba

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I think it was something that was destined, God chose it for me.

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While Eva shows no signs of slowing down, she knows the longevity of the entertainment business is not guaranteed.

In efforts to diversify her portfolio, Eva is investing in a luxury container home business with the ultimate goal of building a container home community empire.

I had a daughter at thirty and I never thought I would be a mom and here I am—I’m a mom and I love every minute of it.

A lot of times in life we can plan all we want to, but what God has in store for us, there’s no amount of planning that can touch that.

From modeling gigs to acting roles, the glamourous go-getter knows a thing or two about surviving in showbiz and with her new BET docuseries is a one hour docuseries following a group of tight-knit Hollywood professionals who are on their grind to make it in the high-stakes world of entertainment while balancing their career and family life.

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