Who is dl hughley dating

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Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown Have Been Stoned and Gay Ever Since They Met This according to a musician who has recorded and toured with Whitney for years: “Her marriage to Bobby was only a marriage of convenience for both of them.They’re both gay and have had other people on the side ever since they first hooked up at the Soul Train Awards back in ‘89.That’s when and I’m told Luda and Diamond were having sex on a yacht…Diamonds friends were reportedly concerned because they knew Ludajuice is bisexual…and their friend was having sex with Luda without a condom. Here’s the latest on Luda’s bisexual tendencies – Part of Luda’s assistant’s “J.

The Latino claimed to be straight, because he did not kiss, did not suck my friend, and did not bottom. NOW, my HIGHLY RELIABLE sources have confirmed that rumor to be TRUE! Ludajuice was in fact humping Gordon while the “different area codes” rapper was working for the then 97.5 FM ATL radio station, which is now 107.9 in FAGLANTA.

It did not matter that his dick got hard as a rock, as soon as my friend came in the door. Luda and Gordon reportedly go way back to 1997, way before Gordan became a porn star.

The entire night his bitch ass was wiping off his big face watch (with a white cloth) and asking women not to rub up against his suit because it was light colored.

And [he was] double checking that FAKE ASS DRAWN ON/PAINTED hair line he used to have!! but to wrap it up, STEVE HARVEY is a BIGGEDY BITCH!!!

Black artists continue to cry because they say white-owned record companies are ripping them off, but black men like Luda (who have their own record company) are the first to extort and exploit their own people.

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