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Recent releases include the kids’ book “Night at the Stadium,” which is described in press materials as a combination of “Field of Dreams,” “Alice in Wonderland” and “A Night at the Museum.” But it hasn’t all been home runs — Jeter revealed to the agents that his imprint had gone after comedian Tracy Morgan’s memoir but missed.“[Jeter] talked about being very involved in the acquisitions process,” says agent Jennifer Keene, who attended the meeting.You just have to avoid the a - - holes.” And, “I had a fairly public divorce, and the family therapist said the way you handle this will impact your grandchildren .

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The company also participates in genetic research into diseases including Parkinson’s and asthma.

Wojcicki spoke at the Professional Business Women of California conference on Tuesday and said of gender bias in the workplace, “There are men, women and a - - holes. How you live your life will impact generations to come.” Reps for Rodriguez, Wojcicki and 23and Me didn’t comment.

Brin famously had a relationship with Google employee Amanda Rosenberg in early 2013, after he and Wojcicki had separated.

Yale graduate Wojcicki co-founded 23and Me in 2006 after a decade in health care investing to give consumers personalized genetic information about their health and ancestry.

It seems we will have to keep guessing until these two pop out of some church amid cheering friends and family.

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