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” (Laughs) Crystal is very good at turning on and off … JOHN-PAUL: I have not read anything for season two, but in the first season he is basically playing this runner, wet nurse, for his grandfather.

He wants to keep the family working, and he only wants what’s best for the family.

According to John-Paul, when he came out to Los Angles he had a hard time dealing with the change from the east coast.

” And I think I said, “What am I going to do without you? I was walking into Asa’s mansion and I was talking about Gigi (Farah Fath). MICHAEL: Were you hoping that if the online version of had taken off, and if you felt it was a successful platform, you would have eventually signed on and joined the show? But at that point as soon as they announced the ABC cancellation of OLTL, I immediately made plans to pack up and move to L. I could not deal with all the uncertainties of Prospect Park, and closing up and moving from New York, and to starting in L. At moments, you feel like you are going to die, and throw up, and that’s a good thing. He went out of town to Kansas City over the summer for three and half weeks, and I house sat for him. They want the film quality, but they did take a lot of time for set-ups, and it was very professional.

” Those lines made perfect sense, because at the time everyone thought that Prospect Park was continuing OLTL, and at that time I was not going to go to Prospect Park, I was leaving, and so it was her saying, “I’m staying in Llanview, what am I going to do without you? It was my last scene ever, and it was like five lines and not a big deal. MICHAEL: Did you watch the new OLTL from Prospect Park? But you won’t throw up; it’s that moment where you realize, “I am OK” …that’s the moment! And during that time he came back 17 lbs heavier, and when he got back we started this “Full Dolores” routine in July and he shed those pounds instantly. But when it came time to do the acting, we can get in one take, because we can.

He is sort if like the family slave, and the caregiver right now. I heard that he has his own plans for taking over certain things, but that is not happening yet. I just sit there and listen to her, and occasionally ask a follow-up question! I have only had a handful of sitcoms auditions since I have been out here, and honestly my feedback has been, “He’s not good enough.” I am not going to name names, but I did meet with a woman who used to work at the same company as me. Right now, I am on the hunt for a wife, who wants to have a daughter! There are only a few people in your life you can trust and he is one of them. He is the guy I can call on when the chips are down.

MICHAEL: So, you therefore share scenes with the amazing Ron Raines (Senator Preston)? Although I am face to face with his lover, my old sister on OLTL, Melissa Archer, which was neat. (Laughs) Apparently, they had a great shoot and the lesbian action was flawless … MICHAEL: John-Paul, you are one of the most innately funny people I know. I got to be in the same room with her and my feedback was, “He’s not multi-cam.” I said, “OK,” and unfortunately there were no cameras in the room, so there was no proof of that. It just so happened that it did not have a laugh track.” (Laughs) I am still trucking along. I house sit, and dog sit for him, when he is out of town, and take care of the twins. (Laughs) Listen, I am very lucky to have Tuc in my life. I tell ya, if he did it for me, I would be the luckiest guy in the world.

I want to work with you, and I miss you.” So, it was a chance to work and to see Hillary again and to fly back east.

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