Who is nina sky dating

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We love a lot ofthe music we’re not on a mission to make songs that sound like what’scurrently in the top 10. Wegrew up in a household where we were listening to every genre, and thebest of it.

Thank you, it’sdefinitely one of our personal favoritestoo.

There was a while there when I only wore Cross Colours and had “Hip Hop” shaved into the back of my head.

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However, the 31-week pregnant musician has regularly documented her own pregnancy on Instagram, taking photographs with her baby bump all over within the last few months: in the mirror for attractive selfies and at blissful celebrations in short flirty dresses.

At the same time, the Queens-bred Puerto Rican talent has been busy in the studio, dropping the recently released song "Overtime" which has robust R&B soulfulness and the twin's skilled vocals.

This isn’t the ideal scenario to see someone DJ for the first time.

On a rainy night in May, Nicole and Natalie Albino — collectively known as Puerto Rican pan-pop sister act Nina Sky — are spinning on the second level of the swanky Hornblower Infinity yacht, docked at Pier 40 in New York’s West Village.

But as the attendance picks up, so does the energy, and after a mini-set of Prince songs, the party is officially underway.

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