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Khnum is the god [who rules] there, [He is enthroned above the deep], His sandals resting on the flood; He holds the door bolt in his hand, Opens the gate as he wishes.

He is eternal there as Shu, Bounty-giver, Lord-of-fields, So his name is called.

) with the river and with every settlement on these aruras.

All the peasants working their fields with their labourers and bringing water to their new and high-lying lands, their harvest shall be stored in your granary in excess of the part that used to be your due. That he might join with me.” He stood: “I shall go to Mansion-of-the-Net, It is designed to support a man in his deeds; I shall enter the House of Life, Unroll the Souls of Re, I shall be guided by them.” He departed, he returned to me quickly, He let me know the flow of Hapy, His shores and all the things they contain.

He has reckoned the land of the South and the North, To give parts to every god; It is he who governs barley, [emmer], Fowl and fish and all one lives on. His temple opens southeastward, Re rises in its face every day; Its water rages on its south for an , A wall against the Nubians each day.

Who is rosci dating

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