Who is sarah harding dating

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She also toured North West England performing at pubs, social clubs, and caravan parks to support herself.

In 2002, she was recording dance tracks when she decided to audition for Popstars: The Rivals.

Harding has recently finished filming Run for Your Wife in which she plays one of the wives of the lead character, John Smith. After three years of hiatus, Girls Aloud reunited in 2012 to celebrate their tenth anniversary together.

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In early 2013, they announced that they had split up.

She then worked as part of the promotions team for two nightclubs in The Grand Central Leisure Park in Stockport as well as waitressing at Pizza Hut, driving a van, debt collecting and as a BT telephone operator.

The character made a few appearances in July and August 2015 as her marriage to Robert disintegrated when he began an affair with ex-wife Tracy Barlow.

However, Harding's appearance was panned by both critics and fans, with her acting described as "wooden" and the producers at Corrie decided to not invite her back.

Girls Aloud's collaborations with Brian Higgins and his songwriting and production team Xenomania earned the group critical acclaim, due to an innovative approach to mainstream pop music.

Who is sarah harding dating

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