Willamette week speed dating

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After the "Willamette Week" contacted him for comments on their impending story, Goldschmidt confessed to the relationship in an interview published in the "Oregonian" before the "Week" story was set to print.

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Willamette week speed dating

Prior to his death in 2010, cartoonist John Callahan's long-running comic "Callahan" appeared weekly in the paper.

Since 1984, the paper has been free; it generates over 80% of its revenue through display advertising.

While a subsequent investigation confirmed the article's charges (including evidence that a number of boys had contracted ") breaks a story alleging that Larry Hurwitz, the owner of Starry Night Nightclub (now the Roseland), was responsible for the disappearance of Tim Moreau, an employee. Following the confession of George Castagnola, who allegedly aided Hurwitz in the murder, Hurwitz plead no contest to the murder.

[" and becomes a Pulitzer finalist at the Seattle Times) breaks the story of two Grant high school kids, one who was the student body president and the other a track star and homecoming prince, who were responsible for 20 armed robberies. Trivia*In recent years, Publisher Richard Meeker (who authored a book about the founder of the Newhouse media empire) has grown the paper's charitable efforts.

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