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Nancy Shenker was 22 when she had her first office romance.“It was literally the guy in the next cubicle to me,” says Shenker, who was working in a publishing firm at the time.

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World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz most famously resigned in 2007 after controversial allegations surfaced that he had been dating an employee of the bank and had been involved in securing a big pay raise and promotion for the woman.

The bank’s code of ethics forbids a hierarchical relationship between manager and employee, even if it is an indirect one.

Bryan Reichard, a manager at Kuntz Electroplating in Kitchener, Ontario, was terminated after he lied about a workplace romance with an administrative assistant. The company had established a written non-fraternization policy to protect employees from sexual harassment in 2005.

Employees in a romantic relationship had an obligation to tell their superior.

If that’s the case, managers can invariably find themselves in a sticky situation.“Their complex predicament involves considerable potential downside for the organization should workplace romances go wrong,” says Cole.

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