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School had finished for the summer, and I was working as many hours as I could in a local business, playing at being a ‘grown up’ and trying to save some money.I loved it – seeing the money in my bank account stack up at the end of every week; checking the rota to see what my shifts were going to be; telling my friends I’d meet them ‘after work’.‘We take you in, and we feed you, and this is how you repay us? If she says the washing machine is broken, then it’s broken.’ He kicked me and punched me and pulled at my hair as I screamed. When I woke up again, I was back in the basement bedroom. The woman came out of the kitchen and stared at me. She grabbed a clump of my long blonde hair and dragged me down the stairs on my back, kicking me into the bedroom. When he was finished, he slapped me on the bum and told me I’d been a good girl. Over the course of that evening, I realised that all of the men were all paying to live out a fantasy where resistance turned them on.

As I recounted my story, I noticed a few other girls coming in and out, taking plates of food back to their rooms. When he pushed me back towards the bed, I didn’t say no.

They didn’t say anything so I assumed they were just students, but their presence reassured me. I woke up naked and alone, with a splitting headache.

But in reality, I was still a child – hormonal and naïve – and after an incident with my boss left me in tears, I didn’t know what to do.

I walked home and stood outside my house, unable to bring myself to put my keys in the lock.

I figured that would last me a month or so until I found work. Without any money to pay for another night in the youth hostel, I found myself sitting on a wooden bench outside Euston station, sobbing into the sleeve of my sweater. ‘You can come and dry off and get some food, then we’ll work out an action plan.’ I hesitated – I didn’t know him, and I knew I wasn’t supposed to head off with strangers. Stopping outside a particularly posh-looking house, he opened the door for me and we walked down the garden path.

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