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We have also had this in our thoughts that in worst case, not saying it is so, but wondering..., why does Mark Davis Dream Connections charge so many thousends of dollars for his services?? And why does Dream Connections seamingly list agency scam girls on their services?? Tags: Dream alike: Generally truth about Ukraine and its girls (Exist good people in Ukraine and Russia etc outside the many scams and date scams etc): FREE, COMPLETELY FREE, HONEST date site recommendations free of charge completely free, date sites, recommendations below, aswell added.See all people: about Uadreams translation fee date agency scam here: (However we do not recommend any sites this person tried in his list, stay far away from them all, as they are all scams. All People, See All Guestbook Site Updates Posts, below, Vital: Added here 2015-10-27, Updated 2015-10-30 around time : Vital Info about Uadreams: All people Worldwide, See the hard truth about Uadreams, from honest person, seamingly very truthful person Peter Cunningham from Canada, from Trustpilot with connections, from inside Uadreams, and their "workers" or scamming translators etc, but this translator worker confessed the, hard truth about Uadreams agency letter translate fee scam, Screenshot added here 2015-10-27: Kl YU4So/Vi9gq G...However ones site meantion, in his list, were good in past only, but not after reform, so best to stay off them all, wish none getting scammed, etc.)Also FREE, COMPLETELY FREE, HONEST date site recommendations free of charge completely free, date sites, recommendations below, aswell added: Added here 2017-02-18 : More updates Uadreams translate letter fee scam:https:// Vital see often updates pretty often (Ukrainan Lawyer help):https:// Added here 2015-11-03 : New Warning here, by honest Marisa site admin person, who fights scams online sence many years ago, very honest person: Sadly Uadreams agency scammers are scared of the truth of their scamming ways, they, Uadreams agency translate fee letter scam, desperately trying to hide so hard, so they, remove, report, see screenshot Cp UZPg B4/Vi930C..., many truthful honest reviews from Trustpilot etc, and let the fake positive reviews remains of Uadreams scam agency, of people who writes them in many cases themselves..., or paid actors or paid translators..., or paid, fake testimonials, people working for Uadreams Agency translation letter fee scam etc...

This we know by experience talked to several 100 girls from Ukraine and Russia and even outside the scamming agencies and scam date sites, even then most or many girls from Ukraine and Russia is not honest and also behaves and act very evil and unbiblically...

However we also talked to some girls from Ukraine that is very good and honest but sadly is married as Olia, and some of her girl friends we think, also seam to be very honest and kind etc.

Theyre stealing you guys and no one will get marry from any lady. They charge you $15 for translation to your scam lady.

If anyone wants to share my experience Im more than happy to warn him about all the same lies from all the girls. all the presents for the ladies such as the flowers are charged as minimum for 120$ in the mean time when I visited the country three times, you can buy a whole shop of flower for $120. In the mean time the translation cost in whole Russia and Ukraine is $5 per hour"https://

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