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The order-1 ISSE adjusts the order-0 ICM prediction by mixing it in the logistic domain with a constant, such that the pair of weights is selected by an 8-bit bit history, which is selected by an order 1 context of the BWT output.

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There is no solid mode compression because BWT requires that each block contain only one whole or part of a file. Oct 14 2012 - updated Tiny LZP 0.1, added zcm 0.70b.

The default number of threads (-t option) is the number of cores.

Memory usage for -m3 and -m4 is not affected by block size. Jan 15 2013 - added lzwc 0.1, lzwc 0.3, lzwc_bitwise 0.7, lzip 1.14-rc3. Jan 18 2013 - updated plzma_v3b (not v3p), plzma_v3c.

The default is -b32 which uses 160 MB per thread for -m1 and -m2. Dec 18 2012 - added comprox 0.11.0-bugfix1, comprolz 0.11.0-bugfix1.

Other changes: there is no longer an option to limit memory.

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