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Kulp appeared in 1955–1956 as Anastasia in three episodes of the NBC sitcom It's a Great Life.

In 1958, she appeared in Orson Welles' little known pilot episode The Fountain of Youth in the TV series Colgate Theatre. John in the episode "Kill with Kindness" of the ABC/WB detective series, Bourbon Street Beat, starring Andrew Duggan.

In 1955, Kulp joined the cast of The Bob Cummings Show (Love That Bob) with Bob Cummings, portraying pith-helmeted neighborhood bird watcher Pamela Livingstone.

In 1956, she appeared in the episode "Johnny Bravo" of the ABC/Warner Brothers series Cheyenne, with Clint Walker.

My assumption is, SE brings that passion to the bedroom in many ways…least I hope so.

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