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Nonetheless, it is evident that this advancement did not help predict the outcome of any battle; it only revised how the battle would be fought.As George Raudzens, a professor of history at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, states in his paper, “[advances in weapons] brought huge changes in the nature and methods of war, but little advantage to innovators since their competitors quickly imitated each new weapon….This invention made the rifle more reliable and quicker to reload.

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So then what happens during this stage of imbalance?

Feudal Russia again provides an excellent example of the competitor in technological lag.

Sixty-five years ago a comparably under-trained and poorly supplied army of peasant Russians defeated the Nazi war machine, the most formidable and professional army in history.

Using improvised munitions and rifles designed in the previous century these inexperienced conscripts repelled elite Panzer tank corps across hundreds of miles, how?

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